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Day Passes

If you're an experienced climber not needing the assistance of one of our instructors, day passes are a great option as they give you access to the facility all day!
Adult Day Pass $26
Youth Day Pass $23
Belay Only Pass (includes harness rental) $16
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1 Hour Private Session (Staff Belay)

The Staff Belay is one of our most popular options to climb. It can be for up to 4 climbers ages 5+ and is great for all fitness levels. We provide you with the necessary equipment and an instructor to take you around our facility for an hour of fun top rope climbing!

Reservations are required for Staff Belays. Call us today to reserve your time slot!

*5 Staff Belay Packages includes up to 2 climbers per visit. Additional climbers (up to 4 total) can be added when the reservation is made. Valid for 365 days.
Staff Belay $70
Staff Belay Additional Climber $25
Maximum Group Size 4
5 Staff Belay Package* 280.00
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Introduction to Rock Climbing

Geared towards groups of 5 or more, our Introduction to Rock Climbing program is a 90 minute session of top rope climbing with our staff and includes the necessary equipment. It can be tailored for group events but is just as good for a group of friends wanting to try something new.

Reservations are required for Introductions to Rock Climbing. Call us today to reserve your time slot!
Introduction to Rock Climbing $35 per person (minimum of 5 people)
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Heading back to school virtually, from a distance, or without PE? Missing gym class? GV PE is the class for you! This 90 minute class will hit the 5 pillars of fitness (strength, endurance, mobility, body composition & lifestyle) and keep your kids fit while having a great time. This class is a drop-in so you can come as often as you want without a commitment.

Reservations are required. Call today to book your session!
Per Session 60.00

Private Climbing Pods

Private Climbing Pods allow you to schedule 6 consecutive weeks of climbing classes for your pod on the day and time that is convenient for you. This 6 week program will show you the ropes and keep you challenged both physically and mentally. This is great for learning pods as well as families with members of varying ages, mom and dad include! Flexible scheduling available.

Reservations are required. Call to book your Pod today!
Per Climber 300.00

Belay Certification Class

Belaying is the act of managing the rope for the person who's climbing the wall. Taking the Belay Certification Class will teach you how plus more! Perfect for those looking to run the ropes without the assistance of an instructor. Participants are welcome to stay and continue climbing for the remainder of the day after class is over.

Ages 14+. Reservations are required. Give us a call today to reserve your space in class!
Top Rope Belay Certification Class - Non-Member $49
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The Gravity Vault offers a variety of membership options to suit everyone. Prepaid options include: 1 month, 3 month and Annual options. We also have an Annual option which is billed monthly. We offer memberships good at just one location or at all locations. Check our Pricing page for a complete list of membership options and rates.
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Everyone loves a great deal! Check out the specials below!
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Friday: Flash Fridays
$20 Day Passes after 5pm! Looking to learn how to manage the ropes? Our Friday night Belay Class is only $35!

Come in, get climbing and get happy!
Monday: Adult Buy One Get One Day Passes
All day on Mondays, adults who come in at the same time as their Buy One Get One buddy can get 2 day passes for the price of 1!
Adult Buy One Get One Pass Special $26
Wednesday: Student Day
All day on Wednesdays, students can purchase a discounted day pass. In case you aren't yet belay certified, students also receive a discounted rate on the Belay Class! *Must have a currently valid student ID. Please contact the front desk for more information regarding eligibility*
Student Day Pass Special $14.00
1 Month Membership with Full Equipment Rentals
This membership special is great for those climbers who are just starting out and includes all the essentials: 1 month of climbing, Full Equipment Rental (Shoes, Harness, Chalk Bag), and a free Belay Class!
Middletown Adult - 1 Month Membership with Full Equipment Rentals $155
Middletown Youth - 1 Month Membership with Full Equipment Rentals $145
5 Staff Belay Package Special
Do you come in to work with our staff often? This special offers you five 1-hour Staff Belay Sessions, for the price of four! Each session includes: up to 2 climbers, an instructor and all of the equipment necessary for climbing. This is great for kids and adults of all experience and fitness levels! *Each session is good for 2 climbers, you may add a 3rd or 4th climber to any session for an extra charge*
Middletown 5 Staff Belay Package $280

Birthday Parties

Host a birthday party with The Gravity Vault where people ages 5 and up can come climb and have fun. The birthday party lasts for two hours, which includes 1.5 hours of climbing and a half hour to celebrate in our party room. We offer different package options for the party room to accommodate your needs, call us today for reservations!
Package 1

This package includes: an hour and a half of rock climbing with Gravity Vault instructors on a 5:1 ratio, half an hour in our party room, and a t-shirt for birthday child.

Package 1 $350
Package 1 Additional Child $35
Package 2

This package includes: an hour and a half of rock climbing with Gravity Vault instructors on a 5:1 ratio, half an hour in our party room, and a t-shirt for birthday child.

In addition, we include 2 slices of pizza per climber, beverages and all the paper products. The instructors will also serve and clean up!

Package 2 $425
Package 2 Additional Child $42

Kids' Classes

Kids’ Classes at The Gravity Vault are designed for children aged 5-13. Our experienced instructors will lead a class every week for six consecutive weeks. We also add a make-up week at the end, so no worries if you miss one. These classes provide an environment where kids will learn climbing techniques, build strength, confidence, and have fun while doing it!
6 Week Class Session $290
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Little Rockers (Ages 5-6)

This is a great class for younger climbers to develop self-awareness, problem solving skills and learn basic climbing techniques.

Cliff Hangers (Ages 7-13)

Need a class for your novice climber? Cliff Hangers is a weekend option to hone the natural skills of those who've just started climbing.

Rock Stars (Ages 7-13)

Take your climbing skills to the next level. A great class for kids with climbing experience.

Climb On (Ages 7-13)

Perfect for kids who have taken previous sessions of class. Here we help them to climb harder while having fun.

Saturday Rocks (Ages 7 - 13)
Saturday Rocks is the perfect class for anyone who has taken classes before and is interested in taking their climbing to the next level. This class provides an environment where kids can build strength, confidence, and independence.

Break Camps

At The Gravity Vault we offer break camps throughout the year on days that kids have off from school. These action packed camps run for 2 hours and are designed with active kids in mind. Climbers will participate in traversing, an obstacle course, and more!
Break Camp - 1 Day $60
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Junior Climbing Teams

For kids who want to take climbing to the next level, they can try out for Team Vault. We offer 3 levels of climbing teams based on ability that practice 1-2 times a week. Team members train together with our coaches to improve their climbing skills and overall fitness. They also may compete both individually and as a team in both Bouldering and Sport Climbing competitions governed by USA Climbing.
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Intermediate Climbing Team (Ages 7-19)

The Intermediate Team is comprised of individuals that have limited climbing experience and are interested in taking climbing to the next level. They need to have basic knowledge of top roping and bouldering as well as have the ability to effectively use their feet to position their body while climbing.

Climbers Ability: 5.8-5.10; V0-V2

*Climbers need their own equipment.

180.00 / month
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Advanced Climbing Team (Ages 7-19)

The Advanced Team is comprised of individuals who have a well-rounded climbing technique. They will undergo an intensive training program that includes: stretching, cross training and developing advanced climbing skills. As a feeder program for our Competitive Climbing Team, this group will be tested physically and mentally both on and off the wall.

Climbers Ability: 5.10-5.11; V1-V4

*Climbers need their own equipment.

250.00 / month
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Competitive Climbing Team (Ages 7-19)

The Competitive Team is comprised of the strongest climbers. These climbers follow a rigorous training program suited for athletes aspiring to compete at the national level. Not all members need to compete in the USA Climbing Program to qualify for the team; they may choose to only Boulder or Top Rope or do both. They will be given workouts to maximize their strength, stamina, technique and problem solving skills.

Competitions take place in January through March in the Norcal Youth Climbing League, and in September through November in USA Climbing events.

Climbers Ability: 5.11-5.13; V3-V10+

*Climbers need their own equipment.

300.00 / month
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Group and Team Building Events

We can accommodate any size group. Our instructors will tailor team building exercises and rock climbing to meet your group or organizations' needs. Call or stop into a Gravity Vault near you to get pricing and learn how your group or team can reach new heights!
Team Building Events $55 per participant (minimum of 5 participants)

Lead Climbing Class

If you have never led before, or it's been a while since you have, this class is for you! In our lead climbing class you will learn all the fundamentals of lead climbing and belaying for indoor sport climbing. Belay techniques covered include: feeding rope while climbing, feeding rope while clipping, rope management, stick clipping, dynamic belay techniques with a Petzl Gri Gri device. The lead climbing portion covers topics such as: risk management, proper movement around the rope while climbing, clipping technique. Pre-Requisites: Must be Top Rope Belay Certified and capable of climbing a 5.9+/5.10 consistently.
Lead Belay Certification Class - Non-member $85
Lead Climbing Test Fee $5
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Technique Class

Been to the gym a few times and feel like you’re thrashing your way to the top? Seen experienced climbers “make it look easy”, and want that flow? Feel stuck at your current grade and not sure how to bump to the next level? Technique Class is for you!
Technique Class - Fight Gravity - Non-Member $75
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Pack and Troop Climbing

Best for Cub Scouts, Daisies and Brownies. This is a 90 minute climbing session where scouts will learn climbing commands, safety rules, and top rope techniques in a fun safe environment with our instructors. Ages: 5+

Scout Leader Training

For leaders we offer our Belay Certification Class, this is a 2 hour class where you will learn about belaying, knot tying, top roping, safety rules and verbal commands. All the necessary equipment is included.(Must be at least 14 years old to take this class.)
Per Participant 49.00

Boy Scouts - Climbing Merit Badge

This is a 6 hour long class where scouts earn the Boy Scout Merit Badge. All necessary equipment is included and our merit badge counselor will complete all the blue cards. All points of the official B.S.A handbook will be covered during the class in a fun, safe environment. Ages: 7-17 (Minimum of 5 Participants)
Boy Scout Climbing Merit Badge Program $85 per person (minimum of 5 participants)
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Girl Scouts - Climbing Fun Patch

In this class, Girl Scouts will learn climbing commands and safety, equipment basics, knot tying, top-rope and traversing techniques all in a fun, safe environment. Ages: 7+
Girl Scout Climbing Fun Patch $55 per person (minimum of 5 participants)

Venture Scouts - Mountaineering Elective

This program is a 2 day class with each day hosting a 2 hour session to cover all points of the official Venturing Ranger Handbook. Ages: 14+ (Minimum of 5 participants required)
Venture Scout Program $60 per participant (minimum of 5 participants)