Lead Belay Class

If you are ready to tie into the sharp end, this class is for you! We will teach you the skills needed to lead climb indoors. This class is held in a single session with a 6:1 student to instructor ratio. Each class is 4 hours.

Instruction of clipping techniques and positions, lead belaying, rope management, and more. We will set up “mock lead” situations to allow low-risk practice of lead belaying and climbing techniques. We will work on gaining the confidence and skills needed to transition from mock leading to the real thing.  Continuing to focus on honing technique and getting prepared to take the lead test. We will practice taking and catching lead falls and work on specific challenges you are facing. We will offer you tips and instructor-facilitated practice in order to prepare you to lead climb independently!

Prerequisites: Top-rope belay certified. Ability to consistently and confidently climb 5.9+/5.10 or higher. Ages 15+

Includes a Day Pass for climbing after the class.