About Rock Climbing

About Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing is done on artificial structures that are bolted with holds for your hands and feet. At The Gravity Vault Indoor Rock Gyms we offer three types of climbing: top-rope climbing, lead climbing, and bouldering. All types of rock climbing involve strength and technique in order to reach the summit.

Climbing is considered both a recreational activity and a competitive sport. On the recreation side rock climbing is geared toward all ages and fitness levels, it is about having fun and building confidence through overcoming obstacles. At a competitive level, rock climbing is an individual sport where climbers compete to complete routes or problems.

Rock Climbing as a form of physical fitness and exercise, can be compared to many traditional sports such as jogging, running, biking, and swimming. Below is a snapshot of the physical benefits of climbing as measured and documented by a Los Angeles Times reporter.

Rock Climbing: A Snapshot of the Sport’s Benefits:

Snapshot: Indoor Climbing

Duration of Activity: 30 Minutes

Calories Burned: 332

Heart Rate*: Average, 132 beats/minute

Time In Zone*: 7 Minutes

*This information was obtained using a heart-rate monitor. Time in the target heart-rate zone is a measure of the intensity of the workout. Target zone varies based on age, individual heart rate, etc.


Climbing Grades

At The Gravity Vault we utilize two types of grading systems.  The Yosemite Decimal System (YDS) and the Hueco Scale (the "V" Scale).  The YDS grades are assigned to roped climbing routes, and the "V" Scale grades are assigned to boulder problems.  We have charts posted throughout the gym for climbers to reference the different grade levels.